I have put together examples of subjects taught and learners' work, from which you can get a better idea of what I teach.

I am a qualified teacher (PGCE, 2003). I am involved in various computer and art activities around Edinburgh such as teaching adult classes, working alongside literacy tutors doing artwork and ICT in adult literacy learning that often have special needs and or learning disability. I have good knowledge of my subjects: I have over 3 years of experience in the new media industry as a web designer; I am a practicing artist and a qualified art therapist.

My passion for teaching developed from IT training sessions I ran while working as a web designer. I then took a job teaching a mentoring programme aimed at encouraging Textiles designer learners to improve their IT skills in order to design and build their personal Digital Portfolio. Initially the learners were frightened by the challenge, but I managed to support them improving their confidence and knowledge.  My main role was advising and giving technical support to students working on their website. To lessen their fear and dislike of technology, I taught the students the basics in a simple straightforward way allowing plenty of time to practise in class using the computers and relevant software. I successfully managed to contextualize their interest in simple examples in order to motivate them and retain their attention and aided the lessons by handing in notes. I enjoyed the teaching experience so much that I decided to focus on it. The PGCE strengthened my knowledge, understanding and practical skills required for a successful career in teaching.

I have always helped fellow students, colleagues and friends. The experience gives me a sense of fulfilment and happiness. I believe that everyone can learn provided that the teacher is supportive, understanding and patient. In my view education encourages adults to achieve their full potential through learning and enables young people to equip themselves with skills for life. Learning will occur provided an open and trustful relationship has been established between teacher and learner.

I wanted to be a teacher because I believe in making a difference in other people’s lives and I enjoy advising students at their first learning experience or motivate undergraduates on research directions, helping them to develop critical skills and to refine their presentation skills.
I am interested in life-long learning as the world is constantly changing, and every change brings opportunities for personal and professional growth. Skills need to be updated or refreshed continually to reflect changes in technology, legislation or practices and  the world becomes smaller, we can discover more about ourselves and others by opening our minds to new learning experiences.

My main strengths as a teacher are explaining difficult concepts in ways learners can understand them and having the patience to allow the learning to happen. My other strengths include excellent lesson planning, making learning fun, and establishing a good rapport with learners. I think that these skills are very important for a positive learning environment. One of my aims is designing activities that will be enjoyable for the learners to do as well as enjoyable for me to teach. I think that when learning is fun for the teacher and the students, knowledge is acquired faster and better.

Workshop Facilitation:

I run workshops all over the Edinburgh area.  My aim in my workshops is to inspire people to explore their creativity and create artwork of their own. I run workshops for both adults and children, in libraries, schools and community centres. I also run scheduled classes in the local area.

The joy of watching someone's face as they master a technique that they thought was impossible, the pleasure of seeing a child holding a digital camera and then edit the photos on the computer, etc, all make teaching a worthwhile experience.

There are 3 kinds of teaching roles that I take on regularly. The following events can be adapted and mixed and matched to provide the right occasion for the people attending:

Taster sessions and

I can work with a group of up to 20 learners who learn a bit of everything to do with computer, digital cameras and the Internet. A 2 or 3 hour session where I demonstrate how to use the equipment, and then encourage people to "have a shot at everything", coaching and helping where necessary.

One-off lessons
If you would like a group of people (or an individual person) to learn a particular skill such as web design, then you can hire me to run workshops. I can begin by teaching basic computing, and then once everyone has had a few weeks to practice these skills, I can come back to teach different skills.

One-to-one (private lessons)
Learn the fastest way with a one-to-one teacher: Creative computing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Web Design skills such as Dreamweaver, and more. I charge £25.00 per hour.

I have been hired several times by colleges, art centres and community centres to run daily or weekly 2-3 hour lessons. I can teach various subjects to do with computing.

I have put together examples of learners' work, from which you can get a better idea of what I teach.


Listen to me

Listen to me:
A website, a DVD and blog accompanies the book Listen to me; see cover of the book on this page. It is a book produced by learners for learners. I was involved in the project as art facilitator, photographer, tutor. and web designer: link open in a new window

ICT Programme in the Community
Comunity Web
This is a unique programme called “Community Web”. I designed this course myself in collaboration with Redbridge Institute. I am very proud of it as it was a real success. The aim of this programme is to integrate relevance and purpose for the learners into their ICT sessions. Learners develop not only their ICT skills but social skills, working in a team, individual research, analysing information and producing presentations as well as making the best use of the new technology including email, online groups, on-line voting, digital cameras, scanners and more.  
The outcome was a website:
link open in a new window.
Read about more about the project:
about_the_project.htm link open in a new windowl




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