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Name: Bea (Beatrice) Brog
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I am a qualified art therapist with over 2 years of experience with diverse client groups including homeless people and children with emotional difficulties. I work successfully with all kinds of people, having maturity, responsibility, social awareness, tact and respect. I’m able to create safe spaces and develop trusting therapeutic relationships, applying my extensive theoretical knowledge. I’m committed to learning, personal development and improving my working practice, being able to integrate theory and professional practice; I regularly attend conferences and training sessions. I take responsibility for my work, having dealt with complex clinical cases, and I am aware of my statutory responsibilities. I have excellent interpersonal skills and manners and I am well presented with good written communication and presentation skills. I’m highly motivated, with excellent organisational skills and time management. I’m also a qualified teacher with a great deal of experience. I am friendly and cheerful and I inspire enthusiasm in everyone I work with. I have previous management experience, I’m a good team worker and I can also work under supervision. I’m also highly competent in IT.
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Art Therapist Experience

(9/08 –03/09)

“Kidzcare ltd”, Art Therapist and Playworker, Edinburgh, U.K.
Kidzcare is an established child care organisation which runs a wide variety of childcare facilities for 3 months onwards mainstream children and  also for children who have individual needs.  

(9/08 –12/08)

“Capability Scotland”, Art Therapist, Livingston, U.K.
Running group art therapy for people with learning disabilities.
(9/07 - 12/08) Place2Be", Art Therapist - Counsellor, Canal view and St Francis Primary Schools, Edinburgh, U.K.
P2B is an in-school counselling service for children with emotional difficulties. I’ve worked intensively with children with various problems such as ADHD, Autism, bullying, eating disorders, and impulsive behaviour. In each case I’ve given the child the opportunity to explore through play and creativity the issues troubling them, working non-directively and often non-verbally. I’ve also delivered closed-group therapy and brief counselling sessions and I’ve engaged with teachers and parents. 
(10/06 - 6/07) "Cowgate Centre", Art Therapist,Homeless Centre, Edinburgh, U.K.
The Cowgate Centre is a busy homeless centre in Edinburgh, which provides a range of services for homeless people over 16.
I single-handedly delivered an art therapy programme, providing open and closed groups and individual therapy. My duties extended to maintenance of the art room and art materials; report writing; liaison with external units; and managing, assessing, monitoring and auditing my own caseload. I dealt with complex clinical cases including people with a history violent behaviour; I also worked with people who could not speak English and people with cerebral palsy.)
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Teacher/facilitator experience:
(4/06 - ongoing)

"Edinburgh Council", Tutor, Art, Creative Design and IT - various other positions are omitted

  • The Number Shop: Working alongside literacy tutor using ICT and Art in adult literacy learning with special needs. 
  • Scottish Festival of Writing, Muirhouse Library: running a fun e-zine workshop for teenagers.
  • Listen2Me: facilitating disabled people in a series of workshops towards the goal of creating a book:
  • Castlebrae Community Education: Workshops for parents and children using digital camera and Photoshop. One-to-one ICT training for staff.
  • Burdiehouse Community Centre: teenage summer project, with digital photography and web design.
  • Leith Academy: Teaching adult evening classes in basic computing and web design.
  • Leith Library: Creative workshops for children using traditional and digital media.
(3/07 – 7/07) “Telford College”, Teacher, (Edinburgh)
Working with recent immigrants, teaching how to use the internet for research and getting local information. A online resource was created:
(4/06 – 1/07) “Bridges Project”, Teacher, Musselburgh, (Edinburgh)
aining to teenagers about ICT and creative computing with a focus on teenagers with learning difficulties and those at risk of offending.
(4/06 – 9/06) “Midlothian Children's Services Integration Teams ", Workshop Facilitator (Edinburgh)
Supervising young people aged 13-16, in their first experience of making a short film. They were involved in all aspects of production from script-writing to directing, performing to post-production.  The film was created in 40 hours; it is viewable at:
(4/06 – 1/07) "Midlothian Council", Teacher, (Edinburgh).
Working alongside literacy tutors using ICT in adult literacy learning. 
(9/05 - 7/06) "Whale Arts Agency", Workshop Facilitator, (Edinburgh).
Teaching a bit of everything to do with creativity using computer, digital cameras and the Internet.
(2/04 – 3/06) "Redbridge Institute Of Adult Education", Teacher, College (London).
Teaching web design and other courses for adults. Developing flexible learning materials.
Creative workshops for parents and children, using traditional and digital media.
The outcome was a website:
(3/04 – 3/06) Queens Park New Media Centre", Teacher, College (London)
Teaching “Create a Digital Portfolio” and “Creating Graphics” to adults and teenagers.
(1/05 – 3/06) "Greenwich Community College", Teacher, College (London)
Teaching arts and ICT to adults.
(10/05) “National Galleries of Scotland”, Teacher, (Edinburgh)
Workshop for teenagers creating Photoshop designs based on classical painting.
(8/04 – 9/04) "Newham Summer School 2004", Instructor, College (London)
Photoshop and digital camera for pre-teens. View some of the creations:
(9/03 – 7/04) "British Institute Of Technology & E-Commerce", Lecturer/E-Tutor, College (London).
Lecturing on Internet, Web Design and Technology to BSc in Technology & E-commerce group.
(5/03 – 9/03) "Amersham & Wycombe College", Lecturer/Teacher, University College (London).
Lecturing on Internet and Web design to BA (Hons) Applied Textiles Studies group.
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Industry Experience:
(03 – present) Freelance Web Design
Web Designer and Search Engine Optimisation; development, consultancy and maintenance for corporate and independent sites.

Good design skills and solid knowledge of (X)HTML and Photoshop. CSS, plus Flash and Javascript.
Working with various companies such as and create compelling and effective websites.
Experienced in managing projects, handling clients and excellent team worker.
Confident in using Content Management System and E-Learning environments
Highly enthusiastic and passionate in what I am involved; looking for an exciting opportunity to progress my career.
(1/02 – 4/03) "Winona E Solutions", Designer/ Production Manager, Web Agency (London)
Developing bespoke internet solutions for many sectors. A range of responsibilities including managing a small team of developers, project control, design, coding, testing and maintenance, client admin and training clients to use a content management system.

One particular client was the University of Wolverhampton, with whom  I worked  to develop an internet glossary for art and design in British Sign Language. This involved close work with deaf and mute people.

(5/00 – 12/02) "FEREF Ltd", Designer/Developer , Marketing and Creative Agency (London)
Working on all aspects of projects from initial conception through to implementation, including production of pitch documents and interactive online advertising campaigns, for companies from pharmaceutical intelligence to film distributors.
1/00 – 5/00) “Aquent”, Freelance Website Production, Agency (London)
Client work included G.E, Tag, British Airways, BT.
(1/99 – 1/00) “MKV Design” Assistant , Interior Design Studio (London)
Working on presentations, projects and administration.
(7/97 – 12/99) “All Over Design” Designer , Textile Studio (Como, Italy)
Producing designs on paper and fabrics for exteriors, interiors and also beachwear
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Other relevant work, some voluntary:
(07) “Friends of the Earth Scotland”, Graphic Designer, (Edinburgh)
Designing and developing advertising ideas (voluntary)
(05) “Transform Scotland”, Web Designer, Charity (Edinburgh)
Designing and developing their website (voluntary).
(8/95 – 7/00) Curzon Soho and Clapham Picture House - Cinemas (London)
Running the Saturday morning Kids Club
Experience of customer service, stocking/cashing up, working underpressure, and as part of a team of people. Working at the ticket office, as an usher, in the kiosk  and at the bar
La Mandragola”, Co-organiser, Co-operative (Siena, Italy)
Running, co-ordinating, promoting and advertising public events in the community.

Nursery Assistant, (Germany and Italy) Assisting professional trained staff in taking care of children (voluntary).

Au-Pair (U.K, Germany)
Baby Sitting (U.K, Germany and Italy)

Care Worker, (Germany and Italy)
Old People’s homes and lodging centres.

Drug Addiction Centre, (Arezzo, Italy)
Helping drug addicts, providing rehabilitation and education; helping street children.
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General skills:

Bilingual: fluent in English and Italian, plus Spanish and basic German and French
Full clean driving license since 1990
Computer Literate: Windows and Macintosh; MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Publisher);  Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Content management systems; W3C standards for web accessibility

IT skills:
  Windows and Macintosh platforms
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Publisher)
Desktop publishing and Graphic Design: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Quark Express, Web publishing: Dreamweaver and Fireworks, Flash with scripting, CSS
Content management systems, FTP software
W3C recommendations and other standards of usability and accessibility for the web
Strategy for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and domains management
Raw coding (HTML, CSS, DHTML), JavaScript
Textile design programs (CAD)
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Examples of Web Sites Developed; see below some of the websites I have developed; more web work examples can be viewed on request.

Sites I am most proud of:   Other corporate sites:
Further websites created:   
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(8/05 – 5/08) Master of Science in Art Therapy, Queen Margaret University College (Edinburgh, U.K. )
Preceded by introductory summer school, giving introduction to art, music, dance movement and drama therapy.
(8/03 - 1/05) Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) (Post-Compulsory), Institute of Education (London, U.K. )
(10/04 -11/04) Contemporary Art & Artists in Education (MA Module), Institute of Education (London, U.K. )
(7/96 - 6/99) Textile Design (BA Hons), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London, U.K. )
Specialising in print studies, including weaving, knitting and printing. Also cultural studies, photography and computer-aided design.
(7/98 -05/99) Creative Computer Graphics for the Web (LOCN), Tower Hamlets College (London) Learning to an advanced level HTML and Web design using Homesite, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Go live, GIF Builder, Flash, and additional skills e.g. JavaScript, DHTML.
(7/95 - 6/96) Art and Design (BTEC National Diploma), Cordwainers College (London) Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Printing, Photography, Graphics and Life Drawing.
(7/86 - 6/91) Maturita Di Belle Arti (Equivalent To A- Level), Istituto Statale d' Arte (Siena, Italy)
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  As an art therapist, I enjoy keeping in touch with the art processes by regularly visiting art exhibitions and by maintaining my own artistic development. For me, creativity is an important means of self-expression, exploration and emotional growth.
  I also enjoy visiting museums and galleries, in-line skating, cycling, walking and dancing.
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Excellent References, both academic and professional, are available on request.

Main Skills:

Art Therapist
Workshop Facilitator
IT - Internet - Web Design


Download Bea's CV as a PDF document:
CV as a PDF Document

Most current work places:

As an art therapist
For the last year I have worked for Place2Be link open in a new window (an in-school counselling service targeted at children with emotional difficulties) as an art therapist, 2 days per week, in both St Francis and Canal View Primary Schools in Edinburgh.

For a year previous to Place2Be, I single-handedly delivered an art therapy programme at Cowgate Centre link open in a new window; is a busy homeless centre in Edinburgh, which provides a range of services for homeless over 16.

Key Skills:

Art Therapist:
I have great deal of experience in working with a range of client groups.
Read more about my practice of art therapy...

Understanding Art Therapy
link open in a new window "Understanding Art Therapy" as one of the various creative therapeutic approaches to provide emotional support to children. It is a powerpoint presentation created to explain the Place2Be’s Counsellors use of art therapy.

As a teacher
I have a large experience (over 5 years) in teaching most subjects in Computing, Digital Art, General IT, Microsoft Windows and Office, Web Design, Computer Graphics and Art in several community colleges and family learning organisations like:

Leith Academy Community School link open in a new window

Dalkeith Community Learning Centres link open in a new window

Whale Arts Agency link open in a new window

Redbridge Institute of Adult Education link open in a new window

Greenwich Community College link open in a new window

Queens Park New Media Centre (QPNMC) link open in a new window

Others colleges where I have taught:

The British Institute of Technology & E-commerce (BITE) link open in a new window

Amersham & Wycombe College link open in a new window

National Galleries (Edinburgh) link open in a new window


Additionally I have put together examples of subjects taught:
view subjects taught as web page or or download subjects taught as a Pdf document

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