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As an art therapist, I enjoy keeping in touch with the art processes by regularly visiting art exhibitions and by maintaining my own artistic development. For me, art is an important means of self-expression, exploration and emotional growth.

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A website, a DVD and blog accompanies the book Listen to me; see cover of the book on this page. It is a book produced by learners for learners.
I was involved in the project as art facilitator, photographer, tutor and web designer: link open in a new window
I worked with people with cerebral palsy and with deaf people, facilitating their creation of a book whose content and design was largely created by them, giving them a voice. I was chosen for this project due to my creative skills; I also used my therapeutic skills, worked as part of a team and took part in collective decision making. I was prepared to do whatever was necessary to allow the users to take part. One participant, Kenny, doesn’t have good use of his muscles due to cerebral palsy, yet he was particularly interested in working with art materials, so when painting I held the canvas for him and sometimes helped him to hold the brush. He was so taken by the process of painting that we arranged for me to continue working with him externally. (The book can be downloaded from: link open in a new window)
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Examples of Web Sites Developed; see below some of the websites I have developed; more web work examples can be viewed on request. Each link will open in a new window link open in a new window:

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More art works can be viewed in interviews or on request; below is a sample of my artistic creations:

"upSurging images" (2008)
At the culmination of my work as an art therapist with Place2Be I created artwork for an exhibition called Potential Spaces: I had a great deal of fun doing this work, and I drew inspiration from the way some of the children I worked with approach art making without hesitation. I enjoy being creative and I particularly enjoy motivating others to use their own creativity:
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upsurging images

More artwork created; see some earlier examples of my personal artwork: textiles, painting, Photography and more... The gallery will open in a new window: gallery of Bea's artwork link open in a new window

"what are people made of?" (2006-2007)
A question I was asking myself after working as an art therapist at the Cowgate Centre was "what are people made of?" People are made out of emotional responses, past experiences, expectations about the future, their environment and so forth. So for me, figuratively, people are a collage of stripes, colours, textures which make up their layers of skin (what you see of a person is their skin).
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upsurging images

Art Work

See some examples of my personal artwork: textiles, painting, Photography and more.
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‘Life on The Lion’ exhibition (1st to 14th of September 2009)
‘Life on The Lion’ exhibition
Exhibition in the Holyrood Park Education Centre, working in partnership with the Park’s Artist-in-Residence,  Barbara Middleton. Out of all the pictures taken during the project we created a mosaic representing Arthur’s seat. The work hangs 2.4x1.2m and contains over 2000 images.


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More recent works can be viewed in interviews or on request.


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